Easy Cancer Port Access for the Chic

December 1, 2009 at 10:16 PM (Treatment) (, , , , , , , , )

When I sat down in the phlebotomist’s chair at The Cancer Factory for my blood draw on Friday morning, I unzipped my cardigan (very cute, gift from fab sister) and leaned back. The nurse was impressed that I had thought to wear a cardi and a scoop-neck (“Have you had a port before?” he asked – an odd time to feel smug), which allowed him to access my port (feels really odd) without my having to strip down, put on a johnny, etc. He said that some patients forget, in colder weather, and show up for treatment in turtlenecks.

Which got me thinking about an article that a friend of mine wrote in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. She was profiling a company, Healing Threads, that was started by three sisters, all of whom were cancer patients, that makes clothing for people who are in the hospital, either for inpatient or outpatient treatments. The jackets and pants, made of stain-resistant microfiber, have easy-access panels with velcro closures that allow nurses, doctors, and physical therapists to examine or treat one area of the body while leaving the rest of the body covered.

The fashionista in me likes that, while they’re not exactly cutting-edge design, they do have an ageless Asian flair, with Mandarin collar and frog closures, that will never go out of style. The patient in me likes that someone thought about more than just accessing our ports, all the way to modesty, dignity, and staying warm. As I mentioned in the article, giving the patient a way to take control of even the tiiiiiiniest bit of their treatment, in what is essentially an uncontrollable disease process, can be immensely empowering and comforting. And, let’s admit it, we’re all control freaks to some extent. Who wouldn’t want more control, and to look cute at the same time? Flashing people is so 2008.

I wonder if they’ll ever make one in cashmere?

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  1. mary said,

    I found your blog b/c you found my daughter’s blog and I read all her comments and sometimes read the links to the other blogs on her site…and blogs from people that she and I have met while on this journey…and stuff on planet cancer…and stuff on I2Y…and the stupid cancer show…and…and…and. I look to see how others are faring. I look to see if anyone has found any answers to all of this. while I did not see a profile, I see that you have children and a dog and are living your life in spite of or because of this evil thing that is cancer. there is a kinship in this somehow. so, without knowing much about you, let me just say…YOU GO, GIRL! we have been at this since 2006 and it is fucking exhausting! cancer is NOT for pussies! may I follow you a bit?

    • sarahfeather said,

      Of course you may follow me! That’s why I’m here. I want to find other women who are refusing to let their cancer define them and remaining feisty and sassy in the face of challenges that would put others under the table, or the covers, for good. Keep feeling strong, keep checking in, and spread the word!

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