My Kilt Encounter – An Update

January 4, 2010 at 1:39 PM (Hair, Karma) (, , , , , , , , )

I was checking my stats and noticed that several hits from the past few days have come from “”. An unfamiliar URL. I traveled there to discover that it’s a community of kilt-wearing scotsmen. I guessed they were amused by the tale of my Trader Joe’s encounter of last month, and discovered that someone had put a link to my story in a comment thread. When I navigated back to the original comment, look what I found!

The universe works in mysterious ways.

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  1. Amy Hofmann said,

    Love it!!!

  2. Jennifer Houston said,

    Wow – fabulous to read both stories. How wonderful!

  3. Ann said,

    Wow! That’s like the fulfillment of one of those Missed Chance advertisements at the back of the local free newspaper.

    “You, wearing kilt in TJs. Me bald. You took the attention of me, and our eyes met.”

    But nobody ever finds those people – except you!


  4. mynameisnotcancergirl said,

    Loved the update! And Ann is right…I was just thinking about the ads on Craigslist. So glad that you and Rich both enjoyed the encounter, and that he completely, totally got it.

    Another day, another smile credited to you.


  5. Megan Flinn said,

    Found you through the classnotes. Glad you are responding well and love your fighting spirit. Be well!

  6. sandhy said,

    Ha!! I love that! You could make your other half wear a kilt all the time? Being as he doesn’t feel the cold anyway…;o)

  7. More Cancer Karma « The Carcinista said,

    […] Karma? Coincidence? What do you think? […]

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