Hitting the Life-Reset Button

April 29, 2010 at 9:21 PM (Energy, Family, Recovery)

Every so often, life gets chaotic enough that I need to call a truce, a time-out. Too many obligations, too many dust bunnies, too much stress – I’m not myself anymore, and mama needs some sunshine.

We got back Tuesday night from eight days in my Happy Place, and I feel like I rebooted. I’m not sure the majority of my restored good attitude wasn’t due merely to the fact that I wasn’t cold anymore, or that the inside of my dried-out nasal passages no longer felt like I had stuffed porcupines up there, but i’m betting the beach and the family time had a little something to do with it.

Really, how often do members of our go-go modern society really get to check the heck out? To reduce the magnitude of our daily decision-making to whether to have a Corona or a rum punch before watching the sun set? Unspeakable luxury has nothing to do with white tablecloths and marble vanities, and everything to do with the freedom of mind to let go.

Our vacation distilled life down to the essence: a place to lay your head, a spectacular view, modern plumbing, good food, plenty of outdoor activities, swimming, and time with my family. No computers, no phones, no TV or video games… read a book and fall asleep to the crickets and the surf at 9:45. Wake up with the sun, HUNGRY, eat a big breakfast (prepared and cleaned up after by someone else, v. important), spend all day exploring (or, hey, napping) in the sun, eat more good food, go to bed. Repeat.

If you haven’t taken a break in a while, I really urge you to try it. Get a massage. Go out for a meal. Take the afternoon off. Take the week off. Try something new and scary. Reassess what you really need to be happy. Grouchy is no way to go through life. It’ll feel like a different world when you get back, I promise.

Cancer? What cancer?

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  1. Ruthann said,

    Awesome post…so true and love the rainbow picture. Beautiful!

  2. sandhy said,

    perfect post – we do this regularly. Even if t’s just to the seaside near us for a bbq. [which is not usually hot! ;o)] Just to try to get to that ” the freedom of mind to let go” place. Even if it’s for an hour. Glad you’re feeling good!

    We are off to an Ovarian Cancer Action ‘day out’ today – so I took your advice! Got all dressed up…and I admit, I feel much better. Have a great week

  3. Liliana said,

    I couldn’t agree more!

    When I feel like I don’t want to spend time in my own company anymore, I run away to our cottage on Lake Michigan. All I need to feel luxurious is a simple, nurturing place and the gift of time.

    Best to you,

  4. Pateeta said,

    Ahh, yes. The Happy Place. I vaguely remember it. One more month of chemo for me, then Happy Place; here I come! I could use some happy.

    So glad you got some.

  5. Ann said,

    My Happy Place is Maui. I’m so glad I went before all this cancer crap. I got to look cute in a bikini for the last time. 🙂 But, once this year of treatment is over, I hope to go back, bikini or no. Sun, surf, rainbows, sleep, whales, the smell of plumeria, the freshest pineapple and the most beautiful views you’ve ever seen.

    I agree that having meals prepared by others is important.

    Ahh…Hawaii. Your post put me back there – thank you.

  6. tori said,

    I love this line that you wrote: “Unspeakable luxury has nothing to do with white tablecloths and marble vanities, and everything to do with the freedom of mind to let go”

    I couldn’t agree more! So well put!!

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