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For those who aren’t on facebook (I understand, really), you might have missed my jubilant post-blog update on Monday: THE TRIAL DRUGS ARE WORKING. Those nasty little grey capsules that make my mouth taste like a dirty ashtray are actually worth the loss of my taste for chocolate. (Sad but true.)

I climbed out of the PET scanner on Monday and (after a brief trip to the cafeteria for my first food in over twelve hours) went straight to the Phase I doctor’s office. His preliminary read of the scan thirty minutes later showed a “marked decrease” in the metabolism* of the cells in my calcified tumors and lymph nodes, the ones that we had pegged as stable. While he offered no opinion of the new mets in my lungs, and I’ll have to wait for a full radiologist’s report on the scan for that, he was very excited about the “dramatic” change in my tumors. He said that the trial had shown the best results for ovarian patients, and that they were thinking about designing a Phase II trial for ovarian patients based on the good results. Including mine!

I’m beyond thrilled to get some good news for the first time in eighteen months, and REALLY glad that all of this rigamarole that they (Big Pharma) are putting me through for this drug might actually have an impact on other patients of this crappy, insidious, sneaky-ass disease.

Next week: further results of the PET scan; CT scan and results, and a week off the drug. Rash? No rash? Increased energy? We’ll see.

But you can quit mentally divvying up my couture for the near future. Vultures.

*PET scans work by reading the rate that your cells metabolize an injected radioactive sugar solution. Cancer cells metabolize sugar at a much higher rate than healthy cells, so after sitting with the solution in your bloodstream for an hour, they run you through a scanner and read the “hot spots” that have metabolized the most radioactive solution. These are measured by the amount of radioactivity they emit, and the rates are compared from scan to scan.

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  1. tori said,

    The last line made me snarf my coffee. So thrilled about these results!

  2. Dan said,

    Yay! I am really happy to read about your good news. I am celebrating your “turning of the corner” in treatment progress and hoping for a little of my own positive progress this week. I will probably have another PET scan soon and I could use some good news.


  3. Jennifer said,

    You rock! The last line make me snicker too. Glad you have good news to share.

  4. patricia said,

    Congrats on your amazing news!!! And fireworks are so appropriate for your chosen image!!! God bless you Sarah!! xx’s

  5. Ann said,

    Fabulous news! Even if you have Louboutins in my size. 🙂

  6. sandhy said,

    OMG – that’s amazing!! chuffed to bits for you!! really, really, really!! :o)

  7. Stephanie said,

    Such wonderful news! So happy for you.

  8. Addie said,

    Woohooo …. Yippeee … finally something good!

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