I Love Birthdays

November 4, 2010 at 7:52 AM (Age) (, , , , , , , , )

Isn’t it sad how most women fear getting older? How much money we spend on facial treatments, personal trainers, Lycra undergarments, and hair dye to avoid the appearance of aging? Like the bimbos on Jersey Shore are really having any more fun than actual grown-ups.

Today is my 39th birthday. If you’d asked me three years ago whether I’d see 39, I might have said no. And I know there are a lot of people out there who will quake at the impending doom of the big four-oh, worrying that it symbolizes the fading of youth, the approach of pop-culture irrelevance, the relegation to “old-person” status. (Okay, maybe not Dara Torres.)

Not me. I’m thrilled to be having a birthday at all. And if I get the chance to go grey, to get (more) wrinkly, I’ll be excited about it. Not just because it’ll save me a fortune in blonde highlights, but because it will advertise my success. It will broadcast the triumph of will, love, modern medicine and good nutrition over the evil cancer monster. It will announce to the world that I am more interesting than I was at 25, more complex, a better friend, partner, and parent. I will have wisdom to share, stories to tell, funnier jokes. (I’m willing to let the bikini go for funnier jokes.)

I know I come back to this analogy frequently, but I feel like aging adds more and more intricate pieces to the mosaic image that is my life. The pixels get smaller, the details crisper, the image sharper. More interesting.

Old people are cool. Bring it on.

I hope I'll look like this.

Photo courtesy here.

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  1. Annette said,

    Happy Birthday!! From one rockin’ 39 year old OC survivor to another!!
    Bring on the years!

  2. KLarson said,

    Sarah you and I are kindred spirits. I too have two young ones, am an ovca survivor and just turned 39! Cancer has also changed my perspective about birthdays. I can’t wait for forty. Happy birthday and make sure to treat yourself well. You rock!

  3. Liliana said,

    Happy birthday to you! I wish you all the best this world has to offer.

  4. themudroom said,

    Happy Birthday, my dear, sweet (and quite sarcastic) friend. I love you and am looking forward to planning your big 4-0 with Mr. Wonderful. P.S. — If something lovely and teal arrives in the mail today, I can’t imagine who it’s from…

  5. Mr. Wonderful said,

    Happy Birthday Sweetie. I love you. So excited to spend the day with you.


  6. Denise said,

    You’re only 39? Why you’re a baby. πŸ™‚ Have a great birthday

    From another OVCA cancer warrior who is pushing 43……..

  7. Stacey said,

    Sarah, happy, happy birthday. Enjoy your day.

  8. Stacey said,

    Sarah, happy, happy birthday. Enjoy your day!

  9. catherine jacobs said,

    Love it! Happy Birthday!

  10. ChemoBabe said,

    happy birthday! after the fight you’ve put up, each one should only be so sweet.

    bring on the gray hair and wrinkles!

  11. tea said,

    Wow! Awesome post. I expect I’ll refer back to it often for a delightful, uplifting reality √.

    I LOVE seeing stylish older folks. And older parents. My Dad had me @ 42 (I was a surprise), and he was the most youthful, most active, coolest Dad on the block.

    You look terrific @ 39! Happy Birthday. And I’m especially looking forward to next year when you are 40 & Fabulous!!!

  12. tori said,

    Such a well written post Sarah (again). I’ll be looking back at it as a reminder when I turn 40 in less the 6 months. I hope it’s a wonderful birthday with those 3 special guys!!

  13. Barbara said,

    Hello thank you for posting from your heart for so many out there! I am the founder of an organization that pampers, give makeup/facials, foot massage, hand massage, new wigs, and care right at the bedside of over 3,000 women anually. We see it every day, the REALITY of life and it’s real meaning.
    My congratulatios and blessings to you as you fight the storm of cancer and it is with an attitude like yours and the mind set to live in spite of the bumps in the road which will take you to 60 and beyond, with the grace of God.
    Hugs and may you continue to always be as positive, centered and hopeful …for it is HOPE that will see you through.
    Big hugs,

  14. WhiteStone said,

    Dang! I’m in my mid-60s and 3 months past my second series of chemo…and I don’t look a speck like that gorgeous woman and her silver hair!

    Right now, my silver fox hair is 1/2 inch long and lying totally flat on my head.

    But I’m alive. I’m feeling decent. That’s a definite blessing.

    Sending you hugs and prayers for your blessed birthday! Have a super special day with your family!

  15. pharmgirll said,

    Happiest of birthdays to you! It makes me happy to see great women embrace the concept of aging gracefully. You have exactly the right attitude!!

  16. Adrienne St.Clair said,

    Happy birthday, Deary! Have a margarita for us!
    Love Ada

  17. Donna said,

    Happy birthday! I agree — they get better all the time. I was 43 when I was diagnosed with OVCA, and I’m now 55 years old with fab silver hair. I call it fearlessly gray, relentlessly cool.



  18. Karen Lilla said,

    Happy birthday, Sarah!

  19. Deirdre said,

    Happy Birthday Sarah! You continue to inspire me πŸ™‚ MIss you girl…. it’s been too long.

  20. Carey said,

    Hell yeah! I was diagnosed 4 years ago at 37. My body has aged a good 15 years in this time but I am thrilled to be here!

  21. nancyspoint said,

    Sarah, You have exactly the right outlook on aging. As one who is over 50, ok I’m 55, I totally agree that older people are cool. (Notice I said older). My body looks pretty darn foreign right now after finishing chemo, a bilateral and reconstruction, but I’m trying to learn to really look beyond the top layers of myself as well as in others. Anyway, happy birthday to you. Keep up your great writing. Hope you can visit nancyspoint some time when you get around to it. I’ll be back here. I like your attitude!

  22. Ann said,

    Happy happy happy birthday to my blogging soul sister. I can’t wait until you turn 40 – we’ll have to have a virtual party for you. πŸ™‚

    You baby you. πŸ™‚

  23. Doug Sadtler said,

    Sarah, Congratulations to you on your 39th birthday! You’re a brave young lady…and I’m proud of you. Stay strong, remain entrenched in the love around you, and relish the opportunities to influence those around you in the way you do.

    Doug Sadtler
    Nashville, TN

  24. Laura B said,

    Happy birthday, belated, and many, many more!!!


  25. Caribou said,

    Happy belated Birthday Shotgun!! I feel the SAME way. I am thrilled to be 31. Can’t wait til 41!!! Heck, I can’t wait til 32, who am I kidding. Hope you had a fab weekend. And I’d love to look like Helen Mirren too. She’s awesome.

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