Up In the Air

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With apologies to Mr. Clooney (and if he’d like to drop by, I’d be happy to deliver them in person), this week has been the definition of “up in the air”. I’ve been to The Cancer Factory three times looking for a plan, and each visit has given a teensy glimpse of what my upcoming schedule could be, but also another question or two that need answering before any decisions can be made.

So if there’s any truth to that “chronic-stress-causes-cancer” thing, I’m fooked.

Today’s downtown journey revealed another medical truth: no matter how much iron you consume the night before, you cannot pass a failing hemoglobin test. (Although if you’re looking for an excuse to eat grilled grass-fed buffalo rib-eye and sautéed spinach with pancetta, garlic and shallots, which I HIGHLY recommend, I won’t blow your cover.)

Wednesday I met with the urologist, who aside from being a nice guy, said he could fit me into his schedule for my left stent any time, all I had to do was figure out when the Phase I gang wanted me to have it done and call his nurse to book it. But I couldn’t get an answer from the Phase I gang until my hemoglobin was re-tested; 8.9 was not the 9.0 the “sponsor” (Pfizer) needs it to be for me to start the trial.

Yesterday, despite the fact that I hadn’t called to schedule it, I got messages during my nap from: the urologist’s office, the anesthesiologist’s office, and the admissions department at New England Baptist Hospital (where the procedure would be done) all telling me that I was to arrive this morning at 10:30 for my stent insertion. So I had to scramble and check with Phase I – no, they wanted me to get a transfusion (for my pitiful hemoglobin) before I had the stent placed, and I couldn’t start the trial within two weeks of a transfusion, so “no-go” with the stent procedure for today.

TODAY, I had a re-check of the hemoglobin, in hopes that my yoga, steak and spinach had helped it rebound from chemo, but no luck. Still 8.9. SCRAMBLE again to find Mr. W (and get him to answer his phone) to pick up the boys from school this afternoon, so I can get a two-hour transfusion (starting at 3:00 PM, yaaaaaawn), so I can start the trial two weeks from Monday. Which, in case no one has noticed, is the 21st of December. I’m sure I’ll have TONS of time that week to be down here three days in a row.

What I still don’t know is when I’ll be having my stent placed, but now that I’ll have a transfusion on board, I hope they can fit me in next week. But not too early, so I don’t miss Mr. W’s company Christmas Party, the only one (pathetic!) we’re scheduled for this month. And not Wednesday, ’cause Mr. W’s in an off-site meeting all day. Guess it’ll be Thursday or Friday… maybe?

It’s still up in the air.

Clooney? On second thought, I’ll meet you in Como.

Hopefully Elisabetta will be out of town.

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  1. Laura Bentz said,


    I often hate it when friends and neighbors make unasked for suggestions, but, given all the givens…

    it is expensive, yes, but, do you know about Floravital? (www.drugstore.com then search for floravital) Liquid iron and herbs. It got my iron levels back up above normal, super fast, these past few weeks. (Granted, I was on a different chemo regime, different cancer site, etc etc etc.) Still, just in case you don’t know about this near miracle elixir (in my humble opinion) I wanted to write. I got mine from drugstore.com I took larger than suggested doses at first, because I was so tired, and it really seemed to help; blood tests this past Monday confirmed it did, at least this time around for me.

    It comes in a couple of variations, Floradix, and Floravital plus herbs. I take the floravital, as it has no yeast, and I don’t need any extra fungi in my system, thank you very much.

    Of course, docs need to approve things, I know. My radiation oncologist had no problem with me taking this. I hope maybe it can help you get into the trial you want to be in. Of course, if you’ve already tried this, well… keep eating that grass fed steak!!!

    sending love!!!!

    Laura B

  2. patty said,

    hurry up and wait! do it again! no, again! wow, I know how frustrating and stressful that is. right now I’d kill for a grass-fed steak and some… oh wait. I’m a vegetarian now. DANG! Hang in there, sister. it’ll all come together soon. keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth coordination of events for you.

  3. sandhy said,

    grilled grass-fed buffalo rib-eye?? bring it on!!

    man you have the most confusing life – I hope all this comes together before you have a nervous breakdown? re: that “chronic-stress-causes-cancer” thing…I personally think it’s the other way round…so we’re ALL fooked 😉

  4. Elaine said,

    A merry-go-round. At this point you need a large martini to get beyond the frustration. The Boston trip is stress alone as you arrive to wait for the long drip. Yet, where would we all be without the Cancer Factory?
    “Hope is a thing with feathers…”

    Hang in and hang tough.

  5. Betsy said,

    Don’t make me hate you. While you’re happily ensconced in your Italian fantasy, I’m being smothered again by humid, chlorine-infused air for three straight days. And Jack lost another GD suit….

    On second thought, maybe I don’t hate you. Maybe I can print the picture of GC’s villa and hold it up in front of me so it looks like it’s located on the other side of the pool. Hey, thanks for the shiny new perspective. You’re the BEST!

    But do you have his suit this time??

  6. AnnaR said,

    Geez anyone would think you had nothing better to do with your time !!!! It’s all very “chicken-before-the-egg” stuff isn’t it. How anyone makes it through this kind of craziness with their sanity intact is something I marvel at every day. Como sounds perfect. 😉

  7. elizabeth george said,

    I wish that you didn’t have to go through all of this. I have just learned what it’s like to have things postponed. My treatment was supposed to happen last Friday, but my blood pressure was too high. So no go. Among other things, I need to start thinking calming, happy thoughts. Has anyone told my team that I’m fighting CANCER? Stress…what stress?

    Maybe my mind should take a trip to Como or some other wonderful place like that. Think I’ll work on that!

  8. Kelly Martin said,

    We met through Planet Cancer last year and I’ve been thinking about you, I’m glad I found you. I’m just reading through all that you’ve been going through these past few months, and….well I don’t have the words to express my thoughts properly but, you have my prayers now.

    We never made it to The Farmers Market, but I think of you when I drive by 🙂

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