These Boots Were Made for Kickin’ Cancer’s Ass

December 16, 2010 at 11:01 AM (style) (, , , , )

I bought ’em.

Thanks, everyone, for your support. I’m going in for my stent tomorrow afternoon (probably won’t wear the boots since I’ll be mostly in a super-sexy hospital johnny, freezing my butt off), but you bet they’re going to go with me to The Cancer Factory as soon as they arrive in the mail. Hopefully by Monday, but I’m not holding my breath. GO, UPS!!

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  1. Jennie said,

    Yay! I love them and am so glad you got them! Good luck with everything today! XO

  2. Thad said,

    Those might go kind of well with a hospital gown!

  3. tori said,

    Good for you!!!

  4. Sarah said,

    Super stylish cancer butt-kickers! You are the queen of fashion and I think these boots would make a Johnny look fabulous. Plus you’d get really special treament. 🙂

  5. Maggie said,

    Good for you!

  6. Nina the slackmistress said,

    Those are HOT.

  7. Robin Anderson said,

    Well, those would certainly take the attention away from your arse hangin’ out of your hospital gown! They are gorrrrgeous! Glad you got them!

  8. Jennifer said,

    Love the boots!

    Speaking of hospital johnnies – have you ever heard of the company ‘Dear Johnnies’? Might be a little preppy for you, but they make hospital-acceptable, fashionable hospital ‘johnnies’. Wore one once myself. Check it out, fashionista!

    • tori said,

      Jennifer – there is NOTHING too preppy for Sarah.

  9. Patty said,

    OH MY GOD!!!

    I M U S T H A V E T H O S E B O O T S (it totally doesn’t matter that I already own 14 pairs of black boots, but I don’t have THESE!)

    You should wear them everywhere- with everything! I mean it!

    the boot whoor

    • Sarah said,

      J. Crew. On sale, in the black color only. Plus 30% off. Run, don’t walk, to your

  10. Mr. Wonderful said,

    Love them. Can’t wait to see them in action!

  11. Ruthann said,

    I agree with the above comments….these boots would go very well with a johnny and may afford you some special treatment as well! I am so glad you got them! They are awesome!

  12. Faye said,

    Leave it to you to always look fabulous- regardless of where you are.

  13. Alicia said,

    Agreed with everything previously written and want to add – I think they might do very well KICKING CANCER’S ASS. They look quite up to the task at hand.

    Love them, hugs and blessings!

    • Sue Mellusi said,

      ‘Atta girl…I’m so proud to say I know you. Totally indominable spirit!!!

  14. Danielle said,

    Yeah – Love them! They are so stylish.
    These boots are made for walking

  15. Kathleen said,

    Love the boots carcinista. You’ll be gorgeous in them! I know they’ll rock Dana 10. Any recommendations for gals with cankles? There’s no way on God’s green earth that some of us would be able to shove our flabby calves in those boots! 🙂

    • Sarah said,

      Kathleen, Zappos has TONS of boots in wide-calf sizes; I think you can just type “wide calf” in the search box and up they will come! I almost bought a pair from there, but the J.Crew ones were perfect. And on sale! Happy shopping.

  16. ~Kibbie said,

    I had a mental image of you with your hospital gown on, feet in stir ups with your black boots on! It wasn’t a kinky thing.. just a flash of what it would have been like since you said you didn’t wear them!

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