It Just Keeps Getting Better

December 20, 2010 at 8:36 AM (Research, Treatment) (, , , , , , , , , )

Thanks to everyone for your warm wishes for my procedure last Friday. I’m not sure whether you weren’t concentrating hard enough, or whether the fact that my new boots hadn’t arrived yet threw off my mojo, but the stent insertion was a no-go. Apparently, the cancer that is constricting the ureter has a death-grip on it, and no matter how my cute Dr. Kenneth Branagh tried, he couldn’t force the tube in. So when I woke up, not only was there no pain (and thus no need for interesting pharmaceuticals), but no success.

What’s next, you may ask. Well, just because I’m so very fond of pee, poop, private parts, the handling and the discussion thereof, my next step is a nephrostomy. Yes, the universe seems to think that the brief stint with the ileostomy wasn’t enough torture, so my next appendage will be a urostomy bag. Probably temporary, but who really knows. Probably done tomorrow, but I’m waiting for phone calls.

And maybe, if I’m really lucky, my next trip through a TSA checkpoint I’ll get to get a pat-down instead of a little extra radiation.

Today, though, I’m starting my new trial. I’ll be here at The Cancer Factory from 8 to 6, taking pills, peeing in cups, giving blood at regular intervals. Would you all mind focusing just a little more closely on your good wishes today? I could use a break.

The cookies, however? Are AWESOME. XOXOXOXO

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  1. Emily said,

    Nothing quite like waking up from anesthesia and finding out things didn’t go quite as planned. Bastards. I am sending non-stop good vibes. xoxoxoxo.

  2. Ann French said,

    Along with the “sarcasm and bitterness flowin’ like a river”, I’m praying for pee and peace to flow for you.

  3. patricia said,

    WTH?? Oh, so you didn’t have an uncontrolled, unconscious reflex and kick someone in the groin for not doing what they were supposed to do?? I am shocked! How dare your ureter be uncooperative. Didn’t you have the little talk with it beforehand? I will unleash the hounds today…do you have some cookies for them?? God bless, good wishes and plenty of powerful prayers and positive energy coming your way. xx’s

  4. AnnaR said,

    Goddamn it Carcinista, this just sucks plain and simple. It almost seems worthwhile going through a TSA pat-down just so you can blog about why a urostomy bag is NOT the must-have accessory for 2011. Sending you good wishes today and everyday, and I WILL keep reading and listening too. 😉

  5. Jennie said,

    Girl, you deserve a break today. Thinking of you constantly. When will the boots arrive?!? XO

  6. Adrienne St.Clair said,

    Okay, I am calling in reinforcements…I plugged you in to the prayer list at the Congregational Church. The more the merrier!
    I send our love and prayers

  7. Maggie said,

    I’m sending good karma your way, prayers and good energy. Hope the trial goes well today and if the nephrosotmy gives you a break from any pain, it’s worth it, for however long temporary needs to be.

  8. Robin Anderson said,

    All my best mojo, thoughts, prayers, karma and feng shui (lol) are coming your way today. I don’t know how you do it hun, but keep doing it.

  9. David said,

    Good vibes your way carsinista…you give me needed strength with these posts and I pray for you every day.

  10. Tori said,

    Also sending you vibes your way and prayers as well. I think it’s about time you had some good luck your way. On another note – Jeez – what good is a hot doctor if he can’t get the job done?

    Did I ever tell you about when I woke up from a minor surgery looked to the left and said to my anesthesiologist “are you single?”? And that my husband was on my right side gently rubbing my shoulder? Not cool.

    • Serenity said,

      all day in every way… i’m thinking of you. lot’s of love to you

  11. Dirk said,

    I am forwarding all of my happy birthday vibes your way!

  12. Sarah said,

    Good vibes, good vibes, good vibes, good vibes…. I’m chanting them, praying them, dancing them, thinking them. They are SO there!

  13. Bernie said,

    Oh gosh I’m sorry it didn’t work, will be more specific with my prayers today. Good Luck my friend……:-)Hugs

  14. Nancy said,

    If you can’t pee, how can you pee into a cup?

  15. Leslie Sorensen-Jolink said,

    Damn—that ureter can be so tricky just when you need it to give! Prayers of all sorts are being said for you, Sarah—I too enlisted our Congregational Church, as well as HIndu, Buddhist, agnostic and universalist friends. And my son is dancing, and my husband singing, for you. We all want many grace notes for you amidst it all–you are uniquely equipped to notice and relish them! Love, Leslie

  16. Sue Mellusi said,

    I’m so sorry you’re feeling down Sarah. It’s great the new trial started though right?! I’m so hoping that you have a pain-free and peaceful Christmas. Thinking of you a ton, as always.

  17. Ann said,

    Dear Cancer. This isn’t funny anymore. Please stop. NOW.

    Sending my thoughts and cyber-hugs, and hopes for all this to be temporary, to my blogging soul sister.

  18. JQP said,

    Cookies you say?? BING BONG…I’ll be at your doorstep with some treats soon Carcinista. Hang in there you scrappy little spit fire.

  19. Keisha Carver said,

    I’m so sorry you’re feeling down Sarah. It’s great the new trial started though right?! I’m so hoping that you have a pain-free and peaceful Christmas. Thinking of you a ton, as always. Love, Sue

  20. Meg said,

    I know this post is old but I thought I would share in my sympathy for the nephrostomy. They are little torture devices. My is due to a kidney stone that blocked me up, caused infection, and then led to sepsis. I’ve been living with it now for over a month and now I’m healthy again, unfortunatly the next appoinment available for me to have all of this removed is another month and a half away.

    The overwhelming stress of just wanting all the BS to be over and get on with life is heartbreaking for me as it is, so I can’t begin to understand how you feel. You have my love and support. I hope at this point in time you’ve moved past your troubles and have taken your life back. These times makes us feel so miserable, but once over, give us a appreciation for our lives that few get to have. Silver linning?

    • Sarah said,

      Hi Meg,

      Thank you for your thoughts on the nephrostomy. Sarah was not fond of any of those treatments, but was able to take each as they were required. I appreciated your post and the idea of Sarah having moved beyond her past troubles made me smile. Funny how time can do that. Sarah died on May 3, 2011 after coming to the end of reasonable options for treatment. She was tired and ready to be beyond her troubles.

      I will be writing some new posts for The Carcinista, soon. I have some interesting new stories to tell about Sarah and her legacy.

      Hope you are doing well and feeling better.


      Mr. Wonderful

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