Transformation, turning points and clarity in life.

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Our great friend and fellow blogger and radio host, Mel Majoros, AKA “The Cancer Warrior“, asked me to give her some thoughts about cancer awareness during September, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.  I thought about it and decided to do something a little different: two stories about transformation, turning points and clarity in life – both before and after losing Sarah to ovarian cancer.

For all you Carcinista fans, I think you will enjoy this. See it here.

Let us know what you think!

Be well,

Mr. Wonderful

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  1. Betty Langley said,

    Mr Wonderful (AKA Ed) Sarah never ceased to amaze me and you are doing the same thing. I know what the young lady was saying by “be known” Very important to me and sometimes when I am trying to help my husband “know” me I get frustrated. Am so glad you reposted the FD comments as I had looked for them and couldn’t find them. I know so well what she meant by fatigue. It probably was my first real symptom but as you said 20/20 hindsight. Anyway keep up the good work and stay in touch.
    Betty, Santa Fe, New Mexico

    • Sarah said,

      Hi Betty – thank you. The feedback is appreciated. Cheers – Mr. Wonderful

  2. Nicole said,

    That was a beautiful post, Mr. Wonderful. Sarah was lucky to have you, and you and your boys are lucky to have Sarah with you forever. Thank you for sharing your words with us. 🙂

  3. Emily Beck said,

    Thanks as always for everything you and Sarah share with us. I love your own distinct voice, and hearing hers continue through you. I think of you, Sarah and your family every day. Wishing you continued love and strength, now and always.


  4. WhiteStone said,

    Sarah was one of my heroes…and now you are as well.
    I’m 2 years 9 months out from my ovca diagnosis…on my 3rd chemo regimen but feeling rather good in spite of it all.

    I hope you will always…directly or indirectly…remember all of us teal ladies.

    Bless you! And bless your boys!

    aka Kennebec

  5. Barbara said,

    I am glad you are still posting. I can’t imagine how hard that must be. My mom died in September from Ovarian cancer. The thing is she *did* know the symptoms. A good friend of hers had died of OC and my mom knew the symptoms well. She went to the doctor and explained every single symptom that marks OC and do you know what her doctor did? Nothing. She told my mom she should lose some weight. (She weight about 165 at the time.) I year later when she could no longer bend down and tie her shoes and was experiencing diarrhoea and reflux so bad she could not go out. Again she went to the doctor who then did a pelvic exam and found a 8 inch long tumour. Stage 3. Too late for a miracle.
    I miss my mom every single day and try to educate women about this silent killer. I wish OC got half the press that Breast cancer gets.
    Keep up the good work. I hope you and your children are healing.

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