Free Happy

February 24, 2010 at 9:35 PM (Family, friends, Happy, kids, Sleep)

Okay, grouch-break! Free happy:

  • toddler giggles
  • grey rainy days in october when the woods glow with yellow maple leaves above wet, black tree trunks
  • waking up early and realizing it’s saturday and rolling over to go back to sleep
  • getting into a warm sunny car on a cool day
  • hot showers
  • full-body hugs
  • warm brownies with vanilla ice cream (okay, that’s not free but it’s accessible)
  • watching my dog play with a stick the way a cat would, tossing it and barking at it
  • sitting down to dinner with my family every night
  • using a big word like flaneur or schadenfreude accurately in a sentence
  • someone else emptying the clean dishwasher
  • the sun-sparkles on freshly fallen snow
  • my boys being old enough to play a board game for 2 hours without parental intervention
  • four words: nap on the beach
  • youtube
  • how quiet it is during a snowstorm
  • hanging with friends that really get me
  • diving in and swimming underwater from one end of the pool to the other
  • The Daily Show
  • new magazines (again, not free, but close)
  • human-free inter-species friendships:
  • seeing plants starting to push up out of the ground in my garden in the spring
  • re-reading a childhood favorite book with my kids
  • personal snail mail
  • cicadas and owls in my woods at night
  • did I mention brownies?

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